Get a Second Opinion From a Fellow Attorney

Get a Second Opinion From a Fellow Attorney

Jodi A Thompson Law can provide an opinion on your case

Dealing with a particularly difficult case? Trying to determine the best way to proceed? If you're unsure about the case you're working on, seeking advice from a fellow attorney can be beneficial.

Jodi A Thompson Law provides ethics opinions and advice for fellow attorneys. I've worked with the Florida Bar Committee and can help you understand how to stay in compliance with all rules regarding your case.

Contact me now if you need advice on your current case.

3 ways I can help you

If you come to me for advice on your situation, I'll provide the guidance you need. I can:

  1. Provide ethics opinions
  2. Help you navigate your case
  3. Determine your prospective conduct

We'll work together to help you determine how you should proceed with your guess. I'll also help you stay in compliance with any rules surrounding your case. Call me today if you need assistance with your case.