A Former Florida Bar Counsel Defending Lawyers in Florida Bar related matters.

You dedicate your life to helping others navigate difficult legal situations. You protect the rights of others, but where do you turn when you need help? Jodi A. Thompson is available to represents Florida lawyers statewide in Florida Bar related matters.

Navigate difficult legal situations

Not every situation is alike. You may be able to resolve issues outside of official proceedings or you may find yourself facing a trial. Because of my experience as former bar counsel I understand the factors that can influence the outcome of a case. You can come to me for advice and support when:

  • You're at risk of an emergency suspension, or contempt proceeding
  • You're involved in a fee dispute with another lawyer or client
  • You're in the process of law firm dissolution or departure
  • You need risk management or ethics advice
  • You need help navigating the bar admissions process
  • You are seeking reinstatement or readmission to The Florida Bar
  • You've been accused of legal malpractice

Call 813-786-6444 now to get more information on my various services. I help both established lawyers and law students.

Legal support from my firm to yours

I've been representing other Florida lawyers for over three years. In 28 years of practice, I spent 15 as bar counsel. This makes me uniquely qualified to handle cases involving The Florida Bar. I'll use my knowledge to help you handle difficult situations.

Call me today to begin working on your case. Your initial consultation is free.